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This is a creamy and refreshing dessert! chill it , decorate it in one bowl or separate serving glasses, its all your choice. VERRRRRY EASY ! impress your guests with this refreshing dessert after any meal. lunch or dinner makes a great light dessert! 

CITRUS Souffle

1 big tin of avaporated milk.chill it in freezer for couple of hours before using.should be liquid but really chilled.

1 packet jelly of the flavor you want to make.

1/2 cup +2 tbsp  juice any flovor u want 1 cup juice or water to make jelly.


Make the jelly in juice or water and let cool to luke warm. Meanwhile beat the chillled evaporated milk till it becomes like whipped cream .3 to 5 mins.add the juice n jelly. Beat. Cover in cling in your serving dish and let cool 6 to 8 hours . Its Veryyy easy n refreshing. U can use orange , pineapple or mango!